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View author’s info(22-year-old bi couple | Miami, FL, United States )

I would love to have dinner, great champagne, and great conversation. I would love to have dessert before we leave the restaurant and hopefully after too 🙂

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View author’s info(28-year-old bi-curious woman | London, England – London, United Kingdom )

Join me on a luxury trip to Dubai. Let’s spoil ourselves in the spa and have fun in the city.

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View author’s info(21-year-old bi woman | Santa Ana, CA, United States )

have a candlelight romantic dinner followed by some private kissing time in our hotel room.

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View author’s info(23-year-old bi woman | Goldsboro, NC, United States )

Go to the movies. Hold hands go to the park. Lock eyes and kiss. Then the next date goes to the beach and gets a room.

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View author’s info (38-year-old bi couple | Ankeny, IA, United States )

Nice dinner with some soft live music playing Good conversation and laughs then back to the bedroom for even better fun.

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View author’s info (31-year-old bi woman | Brampton, ON, Canada )

Date: a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Somewhere that has a beautiful view. Get to know the person a little bit. Maybe something fun after like bowling and let the ball roll and take it from there.

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View author’s info (38-year-old bi woman | Colton, CA, United States )

Go to big bear a ride the jet skies, then take a chopper to the beach, and get some good food, find a good room take everything off and dance, party, and talk, then stay up until the sunrise, get some good breakfast and do it all AGAIN.

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View author’s info (38-year-old bi woman | Middleton, TN, United States )

Exploring old haunted houses & cemeteries together or going out to a nice dinner or even to a small quiet bar for a good meal and a great glass of wine. We all dress up in our finest just to have dinner at home and a bottle of wine with good music. Go out to eat and a little dancing afterward. things like that we are interested in.

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View author’s info (40-year-old bi man | Bluff City, TN, United States )

I first date anything goes sit down talk get to know each other have a couple beers and see where things go and hang out all in

View author’s info(25-year-old bi woman | Chicago, IL, United States )

I would love to have a nice brunch lunch or dinner then maybe a movie or a drink and lots of close private time to talk.


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