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Ranks in having LGBT  high population areas 


In metro areas, the community and the numbers are higher than the other areas. San Francisco generally tops the areas in terms of count. The bisexual USA is highly found in San Francisco. Generally, there are about 4.1% of the population when taken into consideration, whereas it is 4% in New Jersey. This percentage also includes New Jersey’s count too. This New York City stands in the order of 23, whereas Atlanta in the USA is at 4.2%, and ranks as 19th one. The bisexual USA has more count when compared to other cities or countries, in general. This city is considered to be the best and no other place is like this for the LGBT people. The culture and diversity is the biggest boon for LGBT. This city is the gayest friendliest city and you can see people here everywhere.


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As said San Francisco has the highest count and biggest proportion of LGBT community living. It weighs at an average of 6.2%. The nation has the strongest non-discrimination ordinances which ensure the quality of life for the LGBT community and they can have the best life here with access to jobs, and various other benefits. It is the highest number of LGBT community residing when compared to other areas, as the city offers the best life for those people. This city earns a score of 116 for 100. This city has the most prominent count of LGBT community, bisexuals history date from this place too. City by the Bay has the most important focus for these gay people. The nightlife is awesome here encouraging the lives of the LGBT community. More than 15% of the population is said to have the community of LGBT and gays.

The second highest population is at Portland, which has the around 5.4%. This place holds the score of 88 for 100, for those people who are the LGBT community. Next city that tops in 3rd place is Texas. The percentage of people who live here is 5.3%. This city boasts Gay festival etc. for those who reside here.

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The next city that tops in the rank of having LGBT community has the highest in New Orleans. This has the percentage of 5.1% of the population of the LGBT community. The place is very much filled with festivals throughout the year and has the highest population of LGBT community and they like to reside here because of the options available here. There are many options available and also the services are well enough and adequate for those to live here. The score earned for the city is 89.

Then the next city that ranks 5th place is the Seattle. This place earns perfectly 100 as the score as the LGBT community love to be here, because of many advantages yet 2 grand festivals are there for LGBT people.

Then in the USA, the next city that ranks the next place in Boston. The city itself is friendlier and people love to be here, where the proportion of the percentage of LGBT people include about 4.8%. Then the Salt Lake City ranks the next position ranging of 4.7% with the score earned as 69.

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