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Bisexual Successful Love stories


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I was so happy to FINALLY meet QUALITY people on a website! Living in Northern California it is very hard to meet the type of person I need to fulfill my wants and needs! I found the PERFECT person for me on your wonderful site. I was about to just give up and so was she! We have connected in so many other ways than just fun sex! I would highly recommend your site to EVERYONE who is looking for that special person! Out of all the websites I found with free or paid memberships, yours is the one that is definitely worth every cent! Again we thank you so much! PrincessBi

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I have recently met with two women from this site, though the actual connections were made through each of their partners (ironic!) on an alternative (swing-focused)lifestyle site we subscribed to. I appreciate Bi-Cupid’s structure and search options, and to read the many profiles of such interesting people from all walks of life. So many women have hidden their sexual identity in the shadows–the Internet age has opened up many hearts and minds, with greater capacity to connect with folks around the globe. It’s empowering to feel less isolated, and completely open and communicative in a safe, secure and easily accessible environment.

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“I found some same like” We emailed a few times. Finally chatted on the phone and met. We have been together ever since. It is nice to find another bisexual! Mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually we are on the same page. She understands my sexual needs and desires and I understand hers.

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We met here, chatted for a while, met up with her & her man, had a threes omega & it was absolutely amazing. Very nice beautiful lady & a very nice boyfriend, he did things to me that I’ve never ever experienced in my life, they were both Fucking awesome, thank BICUPID!!!

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We are in a solid three-person foundation and we are simply in the best triangle relationship we can ask for, peace, love, and harmony, thank you, cherish always and forever.

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Ok, I’m in love with someone special .. very happy thanks a lot we meet three times and now we decide to just see each other thank again bicuspid to create a beautiful love story.

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I don’t want to be on this site anymore. l met someone and I promised I would delete my site. The site is great. I would recommend it to anyone.

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Met liked each other rest is history it was nice the first date than the last date it was good we enjoyed very much so we hare together now then we went to the shop and bought groceries then we went back home to her place and had fun [ Read More ]


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Note:- All the stories taken from the Bicupid main author Site.